Excerpt from Scarlet’s Moon: introduction of the real Rose.

We meet Rose twice. The first time is her human fascade, a sweet, innocent little redhead learning to be a proper lady. So Scarlet was very surprised to meet this  creature on a dark road in the middle of London.

“Are you off your rocker or just …. nuts?” Roses’ small voice had a hard, commanding edge as Lily ran up, appearing like a ghost in the darkness.

“Rose?” Scarlet asked in bewilderment. She was accustomed to the small child holding her tongue. Traditionally, she spoke with a soft voice and innocent demeanor.

“Did you get them?” The stranger asked, staring into the darkness.

“No. They ran back to the salt mines. Most likely gathering recruits.” Rose replied with a stern scowl. She looked Scarlet over and lifted her head with deference. “We had best tell her now, before she pulls another stupid stunt that gets us all killed.”


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