Character Bio: Rose.

Rose is a 500 year old vampire trapped in the body of a five year old.  She is smart, manipulative, greedy and often uncaring. She has the clever and cunning of an adult and the needs and impulsiveness as a child.  It’s accepted in nearly all vampire lore that pirelings are against vampire law and put to death.

Rose has vibrant red hair often placed in a pair of braids to keep her guise of a young child. With brown eyes and dimples and both cheeks, Rose is, by all appearances a precocious little girl.

Born in the height of the inquisitions, Rose grew fast and strong. The superstitious townsfolk began to whisper of the red headed witch who lived in the guise of a child. Rose’s mother, after seeing a witch trial, feared for her daughter. In an act of Mercy, she smothered Rose with a pillow to spare her the trauma of a trial that would most likely end in a burning, drowning or slow starvation. Things did not go as planned however, when Rose returned to ‘life’ as a vampire. Frightened, her mother fled. Rose fed off of small children and babies until the return of her father, who was surprised to find his daughter was already changed. Though he knew it was against the law to have a pireling, he could not bring himself to kill his daughter. Instead, he smuggled her out in a gold lion statue. He presented the lion and Rose as a gift to a young princess with a terrible allergy to sunlight. Rose became the young girls confidante and vowed to never drink from her friend. Instead, she ate the ladies in waiting and servant girls. She learned the politics of the court quickly and how to best manipulate the princess to get what she wanted.  When the princess was older, the king grew paranoid about his crown and refused to let his daughter marry. this was complicated in that the girl was in love with a serving boy.  Rose devised a plan and while the king was sleeping, Rose planted the idea in his mind that anyone who could find the hidden princess was free to marry her. The king proclaimed his intentions the very next day. Rose and the princess hid and watched many men search fruitlessly for her. After a month or so, Rose hid the servant boy in the gold lion and  lead him to the princess. The next day, the serving boy lead the king to show him where the princess was hidden and they were married.  The servant boy and princess ruled over the kingdom well, with Rose advising them in the less than savory aspects of politics. Over time, their children began fighting over the throne.  In the end she named Rose her heir, a title she kept for  the last 500 years. The kingdom was long gone, but Rose has held her vampire subjects in check.



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