Vampires, Red Riding Hood and the No Cookie Diet

The very first draft of Scarlet’s Moon, The first book in the Blood Cloak series is completed. For the first time, it’s not just an idea rattling around in my brain. It actually exists on PAPER I wrote the last words just this morning. i know it’s the first draft and i know it only exists on paper. I know there are about 500 rewrites to go before its even ready for a proper edit and after that it has to be beta’d, cried over, rewritten , edited, looked over, cried over, polished, thrown in the trash, rewritten, stomped on, edited, altered, shined up, cried over some more and sent out to be shot down.

Knowing that and I’m still willing. To have the first draft of a novel is a big deal. I have never finished a first draft of a novel before. I write mostly short stories and little bits of things so to complete even the first draft of a novel is a big step.

I deserve a cookie! Except I am on a no cookie diet at the moment. Most notably because we don’t HAVE cookies just now. I am not a fan of the no cookie diet but such is how it is and upon acquiring said cookies I would be on a very brief all cookie diet which end in not only a ‘No cookie” diet but an actual “I ate too many cookies and my pancreas is angry” diet. I prefer to be on good terms with my pancreas and will celebrate instead by posting about my  completed first draft on social media.


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