Character Bio; Lily

In complete contrast was thin, pale Lily with hair so blonde it was almost blanched and paper white skin. Lily was tall and slim, almost sickly. when Scarlet first met her, she was sure the eighteen year old had just gotten over a terrible bout of Flu.

Lily is an exceptionally pale vampire, with white hair, white skin and a white dress. She is relatively young as a vampire, and a mute. Her human mother dies when Lily was a teenager and many believed her father had killed her. As a result, he was disowned by his clan. With his teenage daughter in tow, the pair landed on the streets, wandering and begging for money. Without a clan, Lily’s father was driven mad and became a ‘berserk’, a wild vampire who drinks anything and anyone in his path to the point of death. This most unfortunately included his own daughter. He ripped out her throat ( Severing her vocal cords) and drained her of blood.

Lily was found in the morning by a milkman.  He handed her over to the police who concluded it was a robbery gone wrong. She was buried in a paupers grave. after three days, she re-awoke as a vampire. After breaking out again, she wandered about looking for a suitable victim.  she searched for a week, half starved and nearly mad. She nearly compromised Rose when she planned to convert a large group of affluent men. The vampire queen took pity and inducted the girl into her own clan. Lily is a good confidante and exceptionally loyal.  She’s deceptively strong , but Rose will not allow her to hunt alone.


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