Vampire catogorization Pireling

Pireling is probably not an actual word, but as there is no proper term for child vampires, I am calling them pirelings. Just about every vampire lore out there condemns Pirelings to death.

Basically a pireling is someone who was changed into a vampire before reaching adulthood. Usually a very small child around five or six years old. The reasons differ with every legend. Common themes are small stature, extreme hunger, fits of immense rage, manipulation, calculated intellect, and brutal killing.

The main problem with Pirelings is the inability to care for themselves. Basically it’s a child wandering the streets alone. They often take an older vampire companion to pass as a parent, or a human companion who looks after them. Pirelings are commonly more hungry than most adult vampires but don’t have the strength to coerce full adults to allow them to drink the humans blood.

Rose is a pireling queen. The only thing keeping her alive is that she is the only one who can keep the vampires in line. She is the cruelest and most cunning of the vampires in the bloodcloak series.


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