The Importance Of Research

So we’ll say you are writing a story abut a dog. You have never seen a dog, never read about dogs and haven’t bothered looking at pictures of dogs. But people like dogs and people love stories about dogs. So you decide to write a nice happy story about a dog. you start out with a good dog. Green scales and purple wings. Because all dogs have green scales and purple wings. it isn’t even weird so when you describe the dog, you just jump right into the story.

Hang on Ashy. Dogs don’t have scales and wings.

First, don’t call me Ashy. Second, yes I know. I have seen dogs. But you get my point right?  you can’t just say ‘this is the thing because I say it is’. research is IMPORTANT. It doesn’t matter what you are writing either. Fairies, dogs, dragons, vampires, anything. If you just run off half cocked, you misinform your audience (a great injustice) you cheat yourself of learning something new and you come off as a complete hack. If you want to write about something know what you are writing about.  Failing to do research makes you look lazy and sloppy.

Everyone has the internet at their fingertips now. There is no reason to skip research. just think about ‘the greats’ Dickens, Shakespeare, Hugo. Austen. These people walked for miles and miles in all weather to get to the library, take a million notes writing longhand for hours and hours and hours then walk home again to do the same thing over again.  Considering that, a five minute google search isn’t really so much to ask.


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