Lily in the fog

Lily pulled on Scarlet’s sleeve urgently and signaled with her long delicate fingers for her to make no more noise than the mute herself. Scarlet nodded in understanding as she followed the wraith like vampire. the pair walked swiftly, staying in small alleys and clinging to the shadows. At the end of the last alley they came to a small courtyard shrouded in fog. Scarlett looked curiously for the mute companion who had been at her side mere seconds ago, but was now gone without a trace. Frail white Lily had vanished into the foggy night like a ghost in the wind.

Though Lily can’t talk, she is very good about getting her point across. She is very clever and can read people. She knows when to turn to Rose for help, and when to seek out Scarlet or Pearl.  Scarlet is very loyal and likes to help her friends when she can. Sometimes this gets her into more trouble than she can get out of, as she will find out in Scarlet’s Moon.


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