Writing for yourself.

“I only write for myself.”  Any one ever hear that?

“I only write for myself.”

Yea…. we ALL do. It’s a big part of being a writer. If you write for others, if you write something you hate, it’s going to show People will know you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing and they won’t read it. If you write for others, it’s going to become a chore and you’ll hate every second of it. Probably won’t even finish. “I only write for myself.”  has been used as an excuse to explain away lazy, bad and frankly a waste of paper.

characters flat and uninteresting”

“I only write for myself.”

Lack of an actual plot to glue everything together

“I only write for myself.”

Blatant lack of any consistencies in  world rules?

“I only write for myself.”

this is not a good excuse. It’s just lazy. We are writers, we create entire WOLDS. We send people on wild adventures, put them through the ringer and bring them out to the other side. Settling for “I only write for myself.”  is settling for mediocrity. You are better than that, writer!

The main trouble with the phrase “I only write for myself.”  is the condescension of it. It sounds like “Oh how CUTE you think you’re a WRITER. But see, I’m a REAL writer because I only write for myself. but you go ahead and try making your writing work. Even though it isn’t MINE..”

I know a lot of people who say it don’t mean that.  But regardless, there’s no humble way to say it. I’m sorry there really isn’t.

there’s nothing wrong with writing for yourself. We ALL write for ourselves. But to wear it as a badge of honor is like saying you breathe oxygen into your lungs


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