fairytale origins; Sleeping Beauty

WARNING may ruin your childhood.

today we are looking at the origins of the French story  Sleeping beauty. ( Again not the brothers Grimm.)

the story once again has roots in the Italian Sole, Luna, e Talia by Giambattista Basile. Tough there are some very basic threads that hold throughout, the original is nothing like your childhood fairytale. In this story, the curse is not placed by an angry fairy, it is merely ‘her fate’ that one day she will fall into a deathlike sleep when a bit of flax gets stuck under her nail. This comes about of course and the poor girl passes out so no one can wake her. The king places her in a small cottage (or high tower depending on the story) and leaves her care to a group of good fairies who take care of her. After a hundred years, a king comes along and finds her while out hawking. WARNING may ruin your childhood.  Upon finding he can’t wake her up he… how do I put this… gets her pregnant (accidentally. Yes, she is still pretty much comatose) The original text I found said AND I QUOTE

The king did all he could to wake her but all to no avail and he was forced to go on his way.

By and bye, a pair of children came along….

Yea creepy. Anyway, the king knocks her up while she’s out and then goes home to his Wife…WARNING may ruin your childhood. and thinks no more about it. After a bit, Sleeping Beauty, in this tale named Talia gives birth to two healthy and beautiful twins, a boy she names Sun and a girl she names Moon. After about five years or so, the king comes back along the same way and decides to check on his bootycall blackout and finds not only is she awake, she had kids. With him. The king goes home and in his sleep calls out the name of Talia and the twins. The queen grows suspicious and eventually finds the truth. She has a servant pretend the king wants the children and they are sent to his castle. Then she  has her steward WARNING ah screw it, if you’re still reading this your childhood is already in tatters to kill and cook the children and feed them to the her and the king. (Sicko)  The steward does not want to kill and cook humans so he hides the children in his house and instead feeds her mutton.The queen then has Talia fetched and threatens to throw her in a fire pit  Therapy would be cheaper but whatever Talia buys time by doing a weird sort of striptease if you’re still questioning this, I can’t help you. the king walks in and wants to know what is going on, but the queen  taunts him telling him he ate his own children. the king decides to blame the cook for this and  almost throws HIM into the fire pit, but his wife brings the twins out, whole, healthy and happy. the king throws his wife into the fire marries Talia and rewards the steward and his wife… Everyone lives happily ever after except the kings first wife who is dead and sad…

Next is Sleeping Beauty from the french Perrualt. This is the first with the fairies who are giving gifts and the evil fairy who bestows a curse. One fairy is accidentally snubbed, but thinks it was intentional. She curses the baby then leaves to never bother with her again. Sorry Disney fans, the mouse LIES. The last fairy reverses the curse as best she can, changing the spindle prick from death to just a 100 year sleep. The king burns all the spinning wheels just to be safe but one woman still has one. Go figure. The princess cuts her finger and passes out. The fairy who saved her is summoned and puts everyone to sleep ( except the king and queen)  and grows magical thorns all over to protect the princess from unworthy jerks like the king in SLT After 100 years, a prince goes hunting and sees the spires. He takes up the quest to wake the princess and the  thorns part to let him pass unharmed. He walks into her room and the spell is broken by his presence. The pair are married and have 2 children in about three years, a girl named Dawn (Aurora) THE MOUSE LIIIEEES and a boy named Day. they live happily when he is there, but to keep his parents happy, the prince spends more time home with them than with his wife and kids.  The queen is part ogress and would most likely eat said wife and kids..*insert mother in law jokes here*  but eventually the king dies and his son takes over. He has no choice but to bring sleeping beauty and their children to the castle. As guessed, mom tries to eat them. Once again the steward  is charged to cook the, but he fools her and feeds the evil queen mutton. The queen learns she was tricked and  plans a horrific death for the steward, his wife and serving girl plus her daughter in law and grandkids. Just before the evil queen throws them into a pit of horrible snakes, the king comes back. His mother gets so freaked out, she jumps into the snake pit…

The brothers Grimm mixed it with a then well known German story called Briar Rose about a princess cursed as a baby and sent to live with fairies in a cabin until after her birthday. unfortunately I can’t find the story. I know she was locked up in a tower with huge brambles all about.  The princes who tried  to win her love but failed were killed and left in the thorny brambles where the corpses slowly rotted. Charming..


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