Exerpt Roland

Roland gave a clumsy bow and stood quickly, holding his arm out with a wide smile. Roland was well built and handsome. Dirty blonde hair framed his swarthy face and offset his friendly green/blue eyes. His suit was a size too big, but with broad shoulders and well toned muscles, the look worked. The fur belt looked black from a distance, but up front,

it was gray

“Ms Ryder?” Roland asked in a smooth, authoritative voice with barely an accent. “I feel like I should run for my life, Every man here is jealous I get to dance with the most beautiful lady in the room.”

“Well, aren’t you the charmer.” Scarlet smiled and held her arms up for a proper waltz.

“When the company I get to spend my time with is as lovely as you, how can I help it? Even Shakespeare’s quill would be insufficient to describe your beauty.” Roland fell in step and began to dance with her.

“Your tongue certainly seems up to the challenge, Mr. St Claire.”

Scarlet gets to meet the sweet charming Rover named Roland st.Claire, a new dance student from France. He is charming and clever and makes a very good first impression on Scarlet. The pair remain tentative friends for most of the series.


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