Rats, Vampires, and Dressing, Oh My!

Vampires can’t eat Garlic.  Even the most rudimentary legends agree on this.

There are exceptions of course. For various reasons, different writers have opted out of the ‘no garlic’ rule. Understandably so, as it seems kind of random.

Garlic. Of all things, Garlic?

Why garlic?

I’m glad you asked…. and  a little surprised you didn’t ask sooner.

Anyway, there IS a reason.

The vampire/garlic myth dates back to the black plague and people thinking VAMPIRES were infecting their victims at night. The people would go down to the cemeteries and stab the dead bodies, but people kept getting sick (Because it was actually transmitted by rats and their fleas) So they would go back again and burn the bodies, but still the plague spread.
there were four men who took cloth and dipped it in a vinegar mixture with onions, GARLIC and ginger, then cover their faces with the cloth so they wouldn’t get sick. there’s an enzyme in Garlic that also exists in onions. The enzyme absorbs and kills a lot of germs, bubonic being one of them. 4 thieves went into the grave yard among the vampires again and again, night after night and weren’t ever bitten once. Rumor spread it was because of the garlic/onion/vinegar mixture. It worked it’s way into the vampire legends.

There is a salad dressing very popular in the Mediterranean area. It’s called “The four thieves vinegar” based on the same recipe the grave robbers used to ward off vampire bites


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