Exerpt: SIMON

Flitting from shadow to shadow, Violet checked at the front step to be sure she wasn’t followed before she knocked three times on the moldy, decaying door.
“Who is there? Speak, if thy be a friend, or flee if thou art an enemy!” A low voice called.
“Simon,” Violet moaned. “Not again. I won’t.”
“You have to Vi- come on.” the voice wheedled.
“I am not only Thine friend.” Violet rolled her eyes. “I am thine Ally. May your enemies know, and flee from me!”
“If Thine be a friend and ally, thou wilt speak the proper phrase of opening.” The man proclaimed in ringing tones.
“Garlic.” Violet replied and stepped nimbly in as the door creaked open.
“Don’t be so dramatic Simon.” She growled at the grinning man.

Thus we are introduced to Simon. A pompous, responsible, intelligent, slightly privileged, self important vampire. He is the doorman at the vampire hideaway. He might have o.c.d., he’s only really deigned to talk to a “measly little writer girl” (I.E. Me) a handful of times. All in all, despite his over flourished way of speaking, he is a good enough guy. He believes in fairness and weighs the pros and cons very seriously. He’ll play a lager role in Moonlit Snow than he did in Scarlet’s Moon. So he better start talking to me.

Physical appearance;  Simon is tall, with sandy hair and freckles. He has a sharp nose and angular face. Sunk in blue eyes, most commonly in a suit. He isn’t very muscular, more wiry than buff.


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