vampire legends: Mid-transitional vampires

Mid-transitional vampire is kind of self explanatory. While most vampire legends are fairly straight forward, there are a few that speak of a slow transformation. The common accepted formula to make a vampire is for the human to drink the blood of the vampire. In most cases, they are either changed into vampires or killed from being drained. A few stories tell of people, who rather than dying are changed slowly into vampires. The constant exposure to having the blood sucked out changes the human slowly. First they have terrible headaches, then hypersensitivity to light, then sound. After comes an almost telepathic power. (This is actually the transition to a low-level psy vampire, a vampire who ‘eats’ thoughts. So to speak.) Last comes a craving for blood. The mid-transitional vampire still is human at that point. Most legends agree the mid-transitional won’t become fully vampire until the human gives in and drinks human blood.

There is no painful ‘death’ and agonizing rebirth with mid-transitional vampires, like with more traditional vampire creations, but unless their sire stays close, the mid-transitional vampire will lose themselves to madness. A rogue mid-transitional vampire is much more dangerous than a traditional vampire because most commonly the latter has a better understanding of what happened. Mid-transitional vampires tend to need more blood, and to feed more often. A traditional vampire can go years without drinking blood and still function, centuries if they ‘sleep’. Mid-transitional vampires can go three days at most.

The first mid-transitional vampires in Bloodcloak should appear in book 4 XVIII/XVI MOON TOWER (Rapunzel)


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